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"Certified to OEM specifications, or better."

Alliance MOCVD is your source for fully refurbished, upgraded, and customized metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system upgrades. All of our systems are certified to OEM specifications, or customized to meet your unique specifications.

An outdated and under-performing CVD control system results in diminished performance, inconsistent device growth and quality, and ultimately unwanted and unscheduled down-time leading to lost revenue.

Our skilled CAD engineers can design and manufacture a custom research or production tool, large or small, or fully customize your existing Emcore/Veeco, Aixtron, or other CVD or MOCVD tools, to accommodate a change in process in response to compound semiconductor emerging markets, aging equipment, or to improve productivity and device quality.

MOCVD System Upgrades, Refurbishing, & Customization offerings:
  • Tall Jar to Short Jar Upgrade- results in better gas consumption
  • Spindle Upgrade (alone or w/motor replacement)- results in improved heating efficiency
  • Spindle Motor Upgrade- reduces radial load on the ferrofluidic by removing belt driven motor
  • Heater Assembly Upgrade- new connector design lasts longer
  • Throttle Valve Upgrade to dual baratron throttle valve- allows for more precise control of chamber pressure at lower pressures
  • MFC repair and recalibrate.
  • Custom Control Hardware: Don’t let aging process control hardware impact your MOCVD tool’s process efficiency.
  • Process Logic Controller
  • Pyrometer Temperature Control
  • Hardware upgrade to optimize your inject scheme to the material you are growing.
  • Upgrade analog signal to digital signal by installing DeviceNet- reduces the amount of wiring in the machine, and allows for instantaneous communication between devices by multiple manufacturers
  • Replace general wiring within system
  • Change or add a Power Supply
  • Upgrade Resistive Heating Element to a higher temperature drop-in replacement- enables growth at higher temperatures.
  • Complete custom tool design and manufacture to meet your specifications.
  • Custom tool modification to accommodate desired change in process.
From turnkey solutions to custom design work, Alliance MOCVD has you covered!

Check out our full list of currently available refurbished, upgraded, and as-is MOCVD equipment for sale. [link to EQUIPMENT page]