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"Minimize costly unscheduled downtime and unexpected lead times. "

The modern MOCVD system is extremely complex. With hundreds of steps and numerous tools in the wafer fabrication process, downtime on a single tool can result in disruptions and idle-time on many other expensive tools. Equipment failure often destroys an entire production run, resulting in extremely costly delays and lost income.

Maintenance, in the form of cleanings, worn part replacement, and alignments, is necessary to keep tools running at their peak performance levels. Effectively scheduling tool maintenance, tracking part lead times, being aware of technician knowledge and skill levels, and implementing proper safety protocols, are all critical components of performing a proper PM.

Our engineers make PM visits fast and efficient, helping you to minimize costly unscheduled down-time.

MOCVD preventative maintenance plans cover:
  • Small or large production and R&D tools.
  • Annual, semi-annual, and/or quarterly service.
  • Inventory of key spare parts on hand.
  • Change of particle filter (quarterly)
  • Cleaning of chamber (quarterly)
  • Disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of chamber & exhaust (annual)
  • Replacement of exhaust seals (annual)