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"Achieve world class device quality!"

Our team members, offering process design, devel­opment and optimization, have established them­selves as respected industry experts, with decades of experience in As/P and GaN based ma­terials, including solar cells, LED, power electronics, and UVLED’s.

We have proven success working with our customers to design and develop processes for their application by optimizing their process to their hardware. We also offer hardware design and manu­facturing that optimizes your inject scheme to the material you are growing.

Achieve world class device quality! Our process engineers have vast knowledge and experience developing process on both new and legacy Emcore/Veeco and Aixtron tools.

Whether you are looking to improve the poor performance of your current basic recipe or are in need of assistance developing a new process, our highly skilled process engineers are here to help.

Current process development on the following material:
  • GaAs on GaAs and Ge
  • InP on Inp
  • GaN on Saphire
  • GaN on Silicon
  • Process Audit services
  • Complete custom Process Development
  • Turn your low-quality device into world class device quality!